Volume and size of syringe needles for injection

Needle thickness imply its size or diameter. The higher is the number on the needle, so it is thinner. These figures are not related to the amount of syringes, which are often sold separately. The choice of needles depends on the viscosity of the solution (water or oil) and injection place. This may be a standard needle for intramuscular injections in size 21-22 or a fine insulin needle, 27-28. Below is a list of key combinations of needles and syringes for the corresponding anabolic / androgenic steroids.

3 ml syringe, the needle 22, about 4 cm in length
3 ml syringe, the needle 23, 2.5 cm in length

These are the standard sizes of needles used for injection of oil solutions in the buttock or thigh. The volume of injection should not exceed 3 ml. Sometimes the same needle is used for aqueous solutions, in which the particles have large enough size, steroids can just get stuck in a thin needles. This means such as Winstrol-V and some Australian veterinary solutions testosterone. Due to the fact that we have to use a larger needle, frequent injections can be very unpleasant.

3 ml syringe, the needle 25 12/20 inches long

These needles are often referred to as vitamin. This is the standard needle for injection of oil solutions in the thigh or shoulder. It is also suitable for injection of aqueous solutions of the same muscles, but the solutions are finely ground steroids (Stanazolic, Testosus solution and Winstrol from Zambon, Spain), better make insulin needles.

1 ml syringe, the needle 27, 1.2 cm in length
1 ml syringe, the needle 28, 1.2 cm in length
1 ml syringe, the needle 29, 1.2 cm in length

These are standard insulin needles, which athletes use for injectable aqueous solutions of steroids, HCG, insulin and growth hormone in the small muscles (deltoid, biceps and triceps). Only these needles can be used for subcutaneous injections of insulin or growth hormone. In difficult situations it is possible to use insulin needles for injections of oil solutions in the deltoid muscle. Subject to the conditions as mentioned, which may be a bit tedious, the occurrence of extreme events is excluded.

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