Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human growth hormone (HGH) is used for bodybuilding since it is no longer available naturally in the body after puberty. This is the hormone responsible for the development of the body from childhood to puberty. The absence of human growth hormone (HGH) in the body means that you will not have any new muscles cells in the body after your puberty comes to an end. This means that you can only influence the size of the muscles you have but no new muscles will come in except by the use of human growth hormone for bodybuilding.

How does human growth hormone achieve this end? It increases your need for energy and if you have enough of it in your system you will have increased the muscles you want. You will feel more active and with the increased rate of metabolism that the human growth hormone will give you, your muscles will grow in no time. If you were looking for a quick fix and fast gains in muscle size in no time, you need to look elsewhere, not with human growth hormone. This is because the gains from human growth hormone are small, steady and high quality. The gains are also dependent on how well you diet and how much you exercise. With steroids you are most likely to gain water in the muscles which will increase fatigue and soreness after physical training, which is never the case with human growth hormone. After any workout, you may feel some soreness but when you are using human growth hormone this is lessened and you will perform better in your gym sessions. Damaged tissues have a better chance of healing with human growth hormone than with any other hormone.

For muscle growth, you need an increased rate of protein synthesis, which human growth hormone makes sure you attain. This means that your diets should comprise a lot of animal and plant proteins, whatever is your preference. Regulate your intake of human growth hormone and you will have a steady increase in the size of muscles you have. If it is not done steadily, you will have the extended belly that many people complain of having when they use human growth hormone for bulking. Take your time and do not use too much of human growth hormone in too close frequency. As for fat loss, you can rest assure that you will lose as much as possible with human growth hormone.

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