Dianabol, Testosterone & Deca Cycle

Today we are going to discuss some Steroid Cycles. In particular in this article I’m going to explain to you, arguably the most effective and certainly one of the favourite bulking steroid cycles out there for numerous reasons.

This steroid cycle Is a personal favourite of mine, Arnold, and even Hulk Hogan! I’m of course talking about the infamous Testosterone, Dianabol and Deca cycle.

Advantages Of Dianabol, Testosterone & Deca Cycle

The testosterone, deca, dianabol cycle is a favourite for many reasons. Let me go into depth and explain why. The testosterone, deca, dianabol cycle has a lot going for it.

The testosterone will lead to stable and consist strength and muscle gains. If you keep estrogen low you can expect to see around 15lbs of lean mass added with a slight reduction in body fat say 2-3%. The dianabol will kick in extremely fast and within 5 days you’ll be noticing significant strength and muscle gains. I like to use it for 6 weeks. This allows me to keep progressing with strength and gaining muscle every week.

By the time week 6 hits the testosterone has already built up nicely in my system and this allows me to keep all the muscle and strength gained on this cycle. The other positive is it allows me to keep progressing, I can normally add at a minimum 5lbs to every lift for the duration of the cycle.

Around week 8 Deca kicks in and I just seem to get huge now. I like to run deca for 16 weeks minimum and testosterone 18 weeks. This tends to allow the deca to do its beauty and I can’t say just how great deca is when ran at this length.

A lot run deca at just 12 weeks, but if it really starts to show it’s magic around the 8 week part. Then if you only do a 12 week cycle of deca, you’ve only used it for 4 weeks really where it’s been sufficient and given the type of results you want. 16 weeks is a minimum for deca, I also find that by running it longer like this, I tend to gain around 35lbs of mass (in the early days, now it’s around 15 unfortunately but I am much bigger than I use to be so it evens out.)

But it’s a lot easier to keep more of the gains by running it longer once you go off on this testosterone, deca, dianabol cycle. A bit of bloat is to be expected, so a lot of people prefer to do it in the winter time to maximize gains, then do a little cut for the summer.

This is a great way to use this anabolic steroid cycle, I will of course be doing a cycle on the best way to cut with steroids, and the best cutting cycle.

Testosterone, deca, dianabol cycle is one of my favorites as I said earlier, but it wouldn’t be fair to end this article here without showing what kind of dosages you should be taking if you plan to use this steroid cycle.


Dosages are dependant on the length of time and of course your experience.

If this is your first time using all three steroids together, (I certainly hope it isn’t your first time using steroids as this is too advanced a cycle, you’ll get pretty much the same results by just using Testosterone!)

Anyway you’d do it like this

  • Testosterone 500mg weekly 1-18
  • Deca 400mg weekly week 1-16
  • Dianabol 40mg daily week 1-6

The progression would continue to go up, if you have great results with this, you may not need to go up for a few cycles, once you do try the same but at

  • Testosterone 700mg weekly 1-18
  • Deca 600mg weekly week 1-16
  • Dianabol 50mg daily week 1-6

You get the general idea on how to progress now with this.

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I hope you found this an informative article and I plan to do many more like it.

Until next time feel free to join our forums below and enter the discussion I am always on there as are many others, and we’ll do our best to help you every step of the way.


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