Dianabol Reviews

One of the most commonly asked questions these days is about dianabol reviews. People who wish to have some real life dianabol reviews from real people who have used Dianabol.

Below I provide to plan you some REAL LIFE dianabol reviews. None of this “if you take 50mgs you will make so much in muscle and strength gains”. No these will be real life results from real life individuals such as yourself.

First I’ll speak about my first experience with this. When I was Younger, I tried Dianabol and Testosterone together. This was my third cycle. My previous 2 were testosterone enthanate only cycles.

I’d made some good results so far. 30lbs on my first cycle keeping around 24lbs, about 26lbs on my second cycle, and third cycle was 18lbs in which I kept 16lbs.

Overall I was extremely happy with the results I’d received. But decided to give Dianabol a chance I was interested in using it as a jump start to kick off the muscle and strength gains and boy what a jump start it was!.

It’s no surprise why there’s so many positive dianabol reviews out there. But let me explain why I found my experience so pleasant on it.

Within the first week I noticed a huge increase in muscle pumps, I was certainly able to hold more carbohydrates in the muscle which was fantastic. I took advantage of this even further by following the creatine protocol from the article posted below.

Creatine The Supplement Everyone Should Be Taking

I’ve had amazing success taking creatine with anabolic steroids and believe anyone can achieve this success.

Anyway moving on within the first week I noticed a strength gain and was able to add 5lbs to the bar easy. I was also able to do more reps. Week 2 I started to notice the increase in strength and muscle further. I was starting to get a few compliments. I had added 5lbs of mass, which in 2 weeks is quite noticeable when you’re in the gym sweating all the time. Some of the guys I respected the most were giving me compliments. (Ie guys who had been on steroids for years or competed) Not the guys who just came in the gym and trained those biceps.

The third week is when I really noticed it. Not only did my strength go up drastically So did my weight and muscle mass. By the 6th week I’d added 16lbs and put on 45lbs on my bench press. I was looking huge, and by stacking dianabol with testosterone enthanate which I ran for 12 weeks. I was able to keep all my gains minus the water weight.

I was much stronger, bigger and looked great overall. Dianabol also gave me a feeling of well being.

I felt like I was “happy” as strange as this sound, it appears to be a common side effect of dianabol.

This is the first of many dianabol reviews I plan to put on this website. I decided to do mine first as I found it an easy way to explain why I rate this Anabolic hormone so highly. Theres plenty of dianabol reviews located on our forum http://www.cagedanabol.com which if you need any help or questions you should join.
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Until next time, I hope you enjoyed this article entitled, Dianabol reviews, and I look forward to presenting you with Dianabol Reviews part 2 which will focus on at least 3 more real life Dianabol Reviews

Until next time, take care and look after yourselves.

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