Dianabol for a power lifter

The D-bol testosterone stack is an extremely common and powerful one for a powerlifter.

Usually most novice STEROID users, (this does not mean you are a novice power lifter just a first time steroid user)

Dianabol ran at 40mg daily for 6 weeks with Testosterone at 500mg every 5 days for 16 weeks is an extremely powerful steroid cycle for any powerlifter out there, it is loved by powerlifters and BODYBUILDERS a like, the reason many powerlifters like it is while it will add a dramatic amount of size, it is also incredible for building muscle mass if you are training in the 1-5 rep range and really pushing for strength gains, you will see DRAMATIC strength, I’ve seen guys add up to 100lbs onto the squat, for example. Which you can appreciate in a power lifting competition is going to really give you a big and dramatic advantage over the competition.

Dianabol for a power lifter

If you are simply finishing second or third place now you are bound to finish in first place by adding this into your training routine.

For a first time cycle this is more than enough for you to continue seeing big and dramatic strength gains in a very quick fashion.

Another thing worth doing is going up in weight class, by pushing your calories and weight to get higher you will ADD much more strength and muscle allowing you to dominate different weight classes.

I’ve seen powerlifters “bulk” on 8000 calories a day while using these and you will see, as I said earlier, an insane/scary amount of strength gains.

Dianabol for a power lifter

And remember you can use this cycle a good 8-10 times before you’ll need to add anything else for extra “Juice” and you will always see progress every single time.

Again, this is just basic tips and general advice that are all worth thinking about if you wish to succeed in this sport.

Again really focus on pushing the big lifts, the bench, squat, deadlift, are your king lifts since this is what you do in competition. You should be adding at least 5lbs to the bar EVERY WEEK and hitting new PBS. If you are not, something is going wrong somewhere and it’s not the steroids fault it can only be, to be frank, YOUR FAULT.

Lift hard, lift correctly, and lift a ton and you will grow, and get much, much bigger and stronger.

Dianabol for a power lifter

If you are wanting to stay in the same weight class and just get stronger, I’d replace the dianabol with something like anavar, and again keep your “calories” in check to make sure you do not go up in weight.

I’ll do another article on that later to help you out further.

Once again thank you for reading this article and I thought it’d be cool to do some for powerlifters rather than just bodybuilders!

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