Today we are going to talk about the best oral steroids in my new mini series.

In my previous article we discussed anavar and how truly fantastic it is!

The next one to add to this list is of course clen, while not an anabolic steroid it is extremely popular, yes it can be used with anavar too! It raises your metabolism by upto 12% which isn’t bad, add that in with the fat burning properties of anavar and losing an extra 2-4lbs per week is quite possible and likely to happen.

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It is great for getting lean and dropping fat as fast as you can!

This is something we all want to do, and something we all work hard at doing isn’t it? We all want to get lean and look great, if you do.

I’ve done plenty of articles on clen so far.

But a general rule of thumb for men is you can go between 40MCG daily upto 160MCG daily if you really want to “Push your fat burning” capabilities.

For women 120 is usually the maximum they can tolerate, remember everyone is different so beareful to experiment with your dosage, it’s better to milk all the results you can get at a lower dosage than just simply jump right up as high as you can!

Clen can be used on pretty much any cutting cycle with pretty much any other anabolic, testosterone, tren, anavar, Turinabol aka T-BOL.

Also, clenbuterol isn’t catabolic, it’s anti-catabolic meaning that it protects muscle forcing the body to use fat for energy during periods of restricted calorie consumption. I’ve seen way more men use this than women so quit bitching about society’s pressure. Men have to be muscular and lean, which requires at least two different diet strategies used in rotation. Women just have to be thin which is far easier, since all you have to do is eat less and not worry about macro-nutrient ratios, training splits, supplement regimens, carb-cycling etc. like men.

If you are using it on a carb cycling routine I would recommend doing the following

If you are 2 days on high carbs, 2 days off, use the clen on the high carb days, then the days with carbs under 30 grams, eliminate clen from your routine.

This allows you to get the maximum results while keeping the clen fresh in your system (after about 3 weeks your body will get used to it)

Basically, this is the way Clenbuterol works, this is its short history and these are its main characteristics that made the product famous. Obviously, its proprieties of making people use weight and fats, of making people get slim and slimmer recommended it on a large scale. More and more people, not only sportspeople (bodybuilders and athletes) started using Clenbuterol with the same great results. Considering the results, no wonder it became famous throughout the world

Again this is just some basic tips and advice on how to use clen correctly.

I am a huge fan of clen, and know tons of so called “natural” bodybuilders who use it to get the extra fat off before their competitions.

Clen is used from the average joe looking to lose extra fat to the bodybuilder who needs to hit single digits, to the sprinter who needs to run faster (yes it improves sports performance)

Until next time thank you for reading this article and be sure to join on the forums.

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