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Now let me explain why Dianabol is one of the best oral steroids currently on the market shall I?

First off Dianabol is a great anabolic steroid for building muscles and fast.

I prefer and believe it should be stacked ideally with Testosterone, can it be run by it’s self yup. But the results by using it with test will be much better let me give you a bit of an example of a few cycles, first off if you are planning to run it solo

I’d recommend running it at 40mg daily for 8 weeks. You will see a rise in strength and muscle mass on a weekly basis, you should strive to get stronger on all the big lifts, Ie the bench press, squat, deadlift, over head press, pull up etc.

You should also focus on increasing calories when need be, but remember Dianabol can cause you to bloat! This is entirely possible, don’t worry about it. Why? Because when you get off of the dianabol, your bloat will go in SECONDS duh!. All of that bloat will go and you will see all that new muscle much more defined.

Now a lot ask me what they should do for PCT on a dianabol only cycle want to know the truth? Don’t even bother it wont shut you down, some will argue but honestly it wont, just have some armidex on hand to make sure you don’t have any estrogenic side effects (yes that can be purchased on here too) and yes it’s cheap.

Now a GOOD cycle for those of you not scared of injecting and wanting to build a lot more muscle mass would be the following!

Testosterone (Cyp enth, you pick) Ran at 500mg every 5 days, run this for 12 weeks.

Dianabol ran at 40mg daily for 6 weeks.

The dianabol will be in your system very fast which will lead to a dramatic amount of muscle mass and strength gains in the early stages, then the Test kicks in, this is where the magic starts this will allow you to continue getting stronger and building MUCH more muscle while losing fat (if you are eating correctly) the best part of this of course is not only what I’ve told you so far BUT that it will also cause you to keep your muscle gains! This isn’t bad at all is it?

Now, If you are bit more advanced, the following cycle is a BRILLIANT one, for building muscle mass at an extremely fast pace and ALSO give you some of the best strength and muscle gains known to man

30-40lbs is entirely possible with this one!

You will run Dianabol at 40mg daily as I suggested before, Testosterone at 700mg every 5 days and deca will be added to the mix, you will run this at 500mg every 5 days also.


Dianabol for 6 weeks.

Testosterone for 18 weeks

Deca for 16 weeks.

This is a longer cycle and an extremely powerful one that will cause you to gain a ridiculous amount of muscle mass at a very fast and strong pace.

I can’t recommend this cycle highly enough it was loved during the 1980’s by guys such as Hulk Hogan and the ultimate warrior, Oh don’t forget Arnold who once called Dianabol the breakfast of champions! and it is a personal favourite of mine.